About Us

We work for the perfect balance. That mix between artisanal and sophisticated. The ideal point between modern and classic. The right balance between design, quality and a fair price. We work to make Colombian design accessible to everyone.

MIM is the dream of mother and daughter, Maria Isabel Mejía and Mariana Escobar Mejía. Together they have worked to create a brand that not only adds style, but also delivers value.

Fourteen years ago, Maria Isabel decided to start designing her own accessories according to her style: simple and elegant. There was something missing in the market, something that was simple, beautiful, functional, and unique. While her hobby was growing; she learned to weld, mold, polish and shine ...

Today, her talent and love for jewelry are what make this brand's heart beat.

On the other hand, Mariana has combined her business experience with her innate love for art. For her, jewelry is bringing to life those ideas that were once captured on canvas, and transform them into pieces of jewelry.

Together they make a great team, each one with different styles and views on fashion, enhance the brands final designs. As a brand, we have learned how important it is to feel as if accessories are part of us; that not only make us feel beautiful, but also that they represent who we really are, and highlight what make us shine.

Our story is just beginning, and we hope you can share with us what we hope, will be a process of growth.

All of our pieces are handmade in Medellín, Colombia. Each piece carries a story, a passion. Through the different designs we strive to share the magic of our country; a paradise full of treasures, rich in fauna and flora, where crafts are part of our roots.

Most of the pieces are manufactured in bronze, and have a 24k gold plating or 925 silver plating.

Feel free to write to us, we love to hear what you think!

Thanks for your support.


MIM team